Back to School…And the Chiropractor

Yep, today was the day that 2 of my little boys went to school!! Now I just have my 2-year-old at home. It was a very quiet morning.

I decided today I would get up early (4:45 AM) so I could get my miles in and still have time to make that special breakfast. They requested eggs, bacon, and pancakes. That is a tall order for breakfast around here.
Anyway, I got to the gym, was only able to run 3 miles. Actually this was great because it was pretty much pain-free. I stretched before I ran (chiro’s orders, even though it goes against everything the internet tells me-and I totally listen to those guys). I was supposed to run 5, but once again I had time restraints. I really need real life to conform to my running schedule instead of the other way around.


I need to update this post since it’s now the second week of school. The boys are doing great and loving school, although they will be coming home with homework tonight. My kindergartener told me that I didn’t have to walk him to class on the second day (a proud and sad moment all wrapped up into one second). His big brother made me feel much better and offered to take him to class. Whew!


I am still getting up early 3 times during the week (ok, this is the second week, but it’s my plan) in order to get my miles in. I have been getting so frustrated with my schedule and trying to fit my running into my life. I was really feeling down about it. So, whenever I feel like something is not right or not working I take some time to reflect and see what I can change or why I think it’s not working the way I think it should. I have decided that the Nike Intermediate training plan I’ve been following is too many miles for my schedule so I’m going back to the beginner. It just fits my life a little better. It really is the small things in life.


Once again I find myself trying to fit what makes me happy and is good for me into my life. The point is DON’T GIVE UP. Where would you be if you quit? That’s right, sitting there wishing you had more energy and less extra weight.
Good luck with the good fight!

Are you having to rethink training plans and goals?

Anyone else getting ready for back to school? Are you ever really ready?

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A Trip to the Chiropractor

Oh my goodness, it’s August! Where has the time gone?! In a short week I will have two in school and one at home. Yikes! Ok, enough freaking out about things I cannot control. For now. You will all get an ear eye full about that trauma later.
On to running. Or lack of running.
Alright, I have been running, but not the mileage that has been on my plan. There have been so many distractions. The biggest is the fact that my hop has been bothering me. It hasn’t been enough that I stop in the middle of a run, but just enough to freak me out and make me think that if I don’t stop something devastating will happen and I won’t be able to run for months!


Update: Went to the chiropractor today and he adjusted me, did some fancy muscle stimulation and told me my hips were tight and needed to be realigned so they work the way they are supposed to. Whew! I will be able to run. Bummer, I am not supposed to do anything over 6 miles until the pain and inflammation are gone. Ummmm, Doc? I have a half marathon in a couple of weeks. Cross my fingers and hope for the best. Let’s just say I’m not expecting a PR for my Ventura Race on September 8. Well, life goes on…


And, by the way, I forgot that I always have a reaction to Ben-Gay-type products (only on my lower back) and he slathered it all over my lower back and sore hip. So, as I am typing I am fighting the urge to scratch that area like crazy!! Ugh!
Good (scratch) Luck (scratch) out there (scratch, scratch)

Who else is getting ready for Back to School?
I am in total denial that summer is ending.

Anyone else have to bounce back from an injury so close to a race?

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The Run That Almost Didn’t Happen

On Saturday I drove to Ventura Beach (about an hour away) to meet my mom so I could run. By the time I got there, got the boys settled with my mom on the beach, and ready to run, it was almost 10. I never run that late. Ugh! The bad mood had set in. I told my mom that I was going to run 10 miles, but I really don’t feel like it.
“Wow! That’s a lot! Well, if you don’t feel like it you can just run a couple of miles…”
Well, I don’t feel like it, maybe I can’t do it. Maybe I should give up and just play on the beach. Get out of my head negative thoughts!!
So, I called my sister. She said, “Yeah, I’m in the same mood. But, I’ll just go out later”
She’s right. Just get a couple miles in. That way I can say I ran today and put it in the books. Maybe it will help my mood too.

20130724-143555.jpg I had to stop and take a picture of this squirrel on the beach. Doesn’t it look like he’s yelling at me? “Get going! Just get it over with already!”

After what seemed like forever, I looked down at my watch (please let it be 1.5 miles. Please!) Nope. not even a mile. Push on. Convince myself to go 2 miles. Then, when I turn around it will be 4. Runner math.

OMG! A Smile! This was the point that my mood turned around and I knew I could finish. It’s true, “You’re only one run away from a good mood”.

This was my ah-ha moment for the run. I turned my belt around. It was heaven. No more bottles flopping all over with water spilling down the back of my legs! I also (finally) remembered to bring money so I could stop and get more water. I got over the embarrassment of being a hot sweaty mess and stopped in at the only store on the route and got more water. That made the last mile and a half so much better! Before that, I thought I couldn’t take another step! Water is soooooo important!

I went slow, but who cares? I did it when I didn’t want to get it done. Of course, the ice bath in the Pacific at the end wasn’t too bad. Now, that was a great reward.

No matter what, it’s better to get out there and do something! Have you ever heard anyone regret that workout? Me either. There’s a reason why there is a list a mile long on the benefits of exercise. It’s all true.

Get out there, but don’t forget to hydrate (that’s the real deal this time of year). Good luck!

Anyone else have any Ah-Ha Moments?

What about workouts that went from blah to woo-hoo?

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Yes! I ran my 6 miles today! It was on the treadmill and it was SUPER slow (I am not going to tell you just how slow), but it’s in the books after a 4 day break and I feel great!

It almost didn’t happen, though. The baby has decided to boycott the gym. I might casually mention that we possibly, maybe, by some chance stop by there and it sends him into an epic 2 year old tantrum. Awesome. So, needless to say, I now have anxiety about running at the gym.
Note: he’s just fine once he sees that he is staying in the Kids Klub at the gym.
So, it really is a big deal that I ran on the treadmill.

Now for my reward. A little pool time with my boys. Ahhhh!


What do you do to relax in the summer?

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Unintentional Breaks From Exercise

I didn’t mean to take 4 days off from running, but that’s what happened. The first day was a rest day. Maybe I shouldn’t count that one. The next were life. The hubs stayed home so we went to breakfast then spent the day in the pool enjoying life. O, it was wonderful!!

Then, the baby got sick with a fever. Then, my oldest had a play date. O! The excuses are many!

20130717-104124.jpg So true!

Need to get out of this funk and start getting out there. Since I am still learning about running and training I will count this as a growing pain. I must remember not to beat myself up over this. Move on. Don’t dwell.

Good luck!

Anyone else going through growing (and learning) pains? What are they?

What obstacles to getting healthy are you encountering?
Mine is getting in exercise during the summer heat. I think I would rather run an uphill (both ways!) half, than run in the heat.

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Jump In The Car, We Are Headed To The Beach

I have found that when you have 3 kids it’s not so easy to get in some training time. I have managed to get in a couple of long runs on the weekend, but it’s not easy. What is with 3 kids, right? But, between the heat and my husband’s crazy schedule, it’s been even tougher. Wah wah wah, enough of my complaining already.

I did manage to get in at least 3 running days and one 9.5 mile run last week. I was not mentally in it so the runs during the week were mediocre at best. I really didn’t want to be there. But, I finally pulled up my big girl pants, got my mind right and pulled out my 9.5 miler that was awesome. I would have gone that extra half mile, but it was getting hot and I could tell I needed to get some hydration. It was just what I needed to get me to this week.

I have my schedule for this week so I just need to, once again, figure out how to fit it all in with our schedules and the heat. Note to self: don’t ever sign up for another race is September. Way too hot.

On a more fun note; the hubs unexpectedly announced he needed to get away. Anywhere. So we dropped everything and headed to Santa Barbara. It was perfect. The boys had a great time at the pool, the zoo, the mission (my idea), and the pier. And we had a great time enjoying the boys and the scenery. Just a couple of days and not very far, but it was a much-needed escape from the summer bustle.

We stayed at the Fess Parker Double Tree right on the beach, so beautiful! We spent a lot of time at the pool, which is great for the kids, and did you know that they hand out their famous chocolate chip cookies cookies whenever you ask?! OMG! They are delicious. AND they hand them to you warm. Heaven.

We also did a few other things

20130715-220015.jpg Santa Barbara Mission

20130715-220143.jpg Feeding the giraffe at the zoo.

20130715-220304.jpg Touching the sea life at the pier.

I love family time.

Ok, Paradise was nice, but now back to reality.


Any fun summer plans?

Have you ever taken a spontaneous vacation?

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Get Out There Already!

Another week of “training” is in the books. Why the quotes? It’s been a bad week for training. I guess the week of a holiday when you have family in town it’s to be expected. But, I don’t like it.
It’s hard enough to try to get the miles in with 3 kiddos in tow, then add the heat and now another ( although really fun and welcome) Fourth of July distraction with visitors, it’s a completely frustrating running week.

I ran 7 miles on the treadmill 2 times this week, which would have been torture except for the fact that I was able to watch the Fashion Police and The Kardashians. Nothing like a little trashy TV to make the miles pass.

Now I just need a long run thrown in there. I am supposed to run 10 miles. I really hope the hubs has a day where he can go in later because I NEED to get some serious miles in and I just don’t think I can do that on the treadmill. I need some road time.

The long runs are getting harder and harder to schedule and I am realizing that I just need to get them in whenever I can, it cannot be a set day because of my husband’s schedule. Sigh, nothing can be easy.

20130707-135519.jpg Word.

I’ll let you all know how it goes. Good luck!

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