I am a mother of 3 very active young boys and a wife to a wonderful man. I recently took up running in order to lose the “baby weight” I had put on and now I am hooked. I have found that I need the motivation of an upcoming race to get over that “do I really need to go run right now” mental hurdle. Also, the fact that my entire life I never thought I was a runner and now I am out running 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons excites me to get out there even more. My quest to lead a healthier lifestyle and fuel my running has led me to a renewed sense of myself and I have gained my confidence back. 

This is in no way an easy journey. I understand that I am not the only one in the world that has to juggle kids, a husband, running a household, and taking care of myself so I felt I should chronicle about my struggle. I am not a naturally organized person, even though I would love to be that person, so trying to keep everyone’s schedules in order and get healthy meals and snacks on the table, while trying to train for races and keep a somewhat organized, clean, and healthy household is a challenge. That might be an understatement.

Running gives me an outlet where I am more than just a wife and stay at home mom. As I’ve seen so many times, “Running…it’s cheaper than therapy”. It’s just so true. This little blog gives me a way to connect to the outside world and journal the struggles and triumphs that come along with trying to balance life.

Oh, and I do have a slight obsession with food and baking. I try so hard to keep most things naturally healthy, which can be difficult because processed foods are everywhere. When it comes to food I am more about moderation and keeping things real. Artificial is being taken out of my vocabulary. If I want a cookie, I will have ONE cookie, not a box of them. My philosophy on food is keep it real, but don’t make anything off-limits, it just makes it more appealing because it’s forbidden. I also try to keep treats and processed foods out of the house so they are not easily accessible. That does not mean they are forbidden, though. It sounds easy enough, right? Yes, if this was an ideal world.

This blog is my attempt at accomplishing all of the above goals. That is why I say, “Good luck, Mama!”




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