Ban Kid’s Menus!

My kids really amaze me. I took the “baby” grocery shopping and he helped me pick out some really cool veggies. Ones that I may have overlooked. Then, when I made dinner, the other two tried the new veggies! Some were a hit, some were not, but that’s ok; they tried them! I don’t know if it’s just something they’re born with, or if it was my refusal to accept “kids” food. Food is food and if you want your little ones to grow up eating a variety of food, you can’t expect that to all of sudden happen when they hit 18.

Where did the idea come from that all kids can eat is mac and cheese, grilled cheese, plain pasta, and pizza? Look on any restaurant kids menu (I don’t like to limit their choices to these meager offerings). I read somewhere (it’s been so long that I have no idea what the source was) that these “kid menus” have very little nutritional value. Some healthy message we are sending kids.

Going out to eat as a family of five can get pretty pricey, but we’ve been pretty lucky. I share an entrée with Austin, our middle, Tyler, the oldest, orders his own, and the baby picks off of everyone plates. What am I going to do when they all want full-sized meals? Yikes! Eat out less often!

The best part of eating out...dessert!

The best part of eating out…dessert!

I’ve been pretty lucky to not have picky eaters. I know people who struggle with that and it does not look fun. Like I said, I’m not sure if it was my refusal to accept that there are no “kids” foods, or making my kids try at least one bite of something new, or declaring from the beginning that I will only make one dinner ( no short order cooks here), or if I just got lucky! But I am so thankful for adventurous eaters. Meal times should not be stressful.


By the way, the boys DO order from the kids menu sometimes. That’s just the way it goes, they love pizza. I say, “There is no food off-limits. Period”. Minus allergies (do I have to say that?).

Whew! Now that is off my chest…Good luck, future foodies!

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