Shamrock Shakes

What is happening? I thought I had everything all figured out. I was getting things organized, getting the house clean on a regular basis, getting everyone to where they needed to be, getting all my workouts in (including strength), AND planning meals. Whew! I had it all together… then daylight savings hit. Hard. I am going to blame my lack of energy and motivation on that. It can’t possibly be me and the fact that no one can keep all that up forever. Yeah, daylight savings.



So now I sit here, contemplating the fact that I should be running 4 miles, or at the very least doing Nike Training Club, but I am writing and procrasting instead. Welll, I guess I am getting a post done, which is a good thing.

Back to workouts. I have been slacking on my strength training, I admit it. Running has been good and consistent, but a good runner has to be balanced, I need to keep telling myself that so I can get myself off the couch and just do it. Once again, I will blame daylight savings because I have had no energy since we lost an hour. I can’t believe it’s affecting my this much!

Let’s talk about my last run. It was a long run (6 miles) and it was awesome. What was not awesome was the ear buds that I am still using that came with my phone. I need to get a new pair, but I am really not sure which ones. Do I plunk down $30 for decent ones? Or go for the $15 ones? Will they have the same quality? More importantly, will they stay in during a long run? My dream is to get wireless ones, but that is beyond my budget for now. Sigh, a girl can dream. I will be getting new headwear (is that the right term to use here?), but for some reason it is just taking me forever to decide. I know, I know I am making a mountain out of a mole hill. I will let you all know what the decision is as soon as I know. Suggestions?

As for today, I am not going to feel guilty if I don’t get my workout in. It’s St. Patrick’s Day and my little leprechauns and I have some good times planned, which may or may not include a Shamrock Shake. (I haven’t had one since I was a kid. I hope they are as good as I remember!)
Good luck with your motivation today!


PS- the shake was delicious!

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