Blondies Have More Fun?

My weekly shopping trips to Trader Joe’s are something that my youngest and my nephew really look forward to. Mostly they enjoy the samples that the ladies make for us, as my nephew calls it, “try some! try some!”. Is it ok that the people who make the samples have gotten to really know us? I am giving it my stamp of approval. Anyway, I am trying not to buy packaged snacks, the whole trying to eat healthy thing. I always remember my son’s doctor telling me when I complained about trying to get him to choose the “right” snacks, “if it’s not in the house, you won’t eat it”. On the other side of the coin, if it is in the house we will more likely eat that. Soooo, I have been making my Pinterest-found healthy snacks. I like them, but it’s a harder sell for the smaller set.

On my quest to rid ourselves of packaged snacks I have also not bought any baking mixes. Once you start making your cupcakes and frosting from scratch you realize
1. You can certainly taste a difference. Homemade wins EVERY time.
2. It really isn’t that difficult and it doesn’t take much more time. I would say and extra 5 minutes of prep.
3. You get to control what goes in. This is a big one for me.
4. Once you eat homemade frosting, you just can’t eat the stuff out of the can. Gross.

But, sometimes you just can’t say no to this face

Mommy! Let's try these!

Mommy! Let’s try these!

Since it was Trader Joe’s I felt a little better about my choice.
It was only 3 ingredients; butter, egg, and mix. Hmmmmm….

Not low-fat or calories

Not low-fat or calories

They recommend using parchment paper, which I love to use on cookie sheets, but I couldn’t get it to lay straight

I gave up

I gave up

So, I pulled out my go-to baking spray (some things in a can are just worth it)

love this stuff!!

love this stuff!!

They were good, but not something that the household devoured. I think the fact that they were blondies threw everyone off. We are definitely more of a chocolate chip cookie family, but these were pretty good.

2.5 out of 5 stars

2.5 out of 5 stars

The fact that I only added melted butter and an egg turned me off. It wasn’t worth the calories, to me. On the other hand, at the Super Bowl party yesterday I found a few things that were worth the calories. Hint, it was chocolate chip cookies, not TJ’s blondies. Live and learn.

Good luck on a healthy week ahead!


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