Soul Searching

I have been doing some serious soul-searching. OK, it’s really not that serious, I’ve been trying to figure out what the focus of this blog really is. I think I’ve come to a conclusion.
The reason I started this blog in the first place was because I was excited about running and the fact that I had lost weight eating right and controlling my portions. So, I searched and searched my (blogger’s) soul and realized I was writing because I was excited. Plain and simple. I get excited about things. Granted, I am usually the last one to know about, and try, new trends, but when I do I throw myself into them whole heartedly. Sometimes they stick and I manage to incorporate them into my every day life and other times it’s just a passing trend. Whatever happens I always want to shout about my newest obsession and this blog gives me a way to do that and not annoy the heck out of the people around me. Lucky you!


Now that I have figured this out, it will be easier for me to write my posts and get them to you. Whew! I feel great! Now, get out there and do some soul-searching of your own. You never know what you’ll find out…
Good Luck!


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