Another Inaugural Race For Me

I just ran my second half marathon. I’m becoming a pro. Well, a pro at figuring out what NOT to do in certain situations.
Anyway, I would say the organizers did a great job. The course was so nice and flat, compared to my other half marathon, and the weather couldn’t have been better for a run.

Let’s start with the packet pick-up. It was nice coming from Santa Clarita (110 degrees) to Ventura (75 degrees). I needed to put on my sweater. For someone who has spent the entire summer training inside because of insane heat, this was a nice change. The pick-up was easy and on the beach, so we walked around for a while.

And took some pictures.

It was getting pretty windy by the time we got there and most booths were packing up. I was bummed since my favorite part is looking around the expos.

On to race day. I did not take any pictures during the race. There really wasn’t much to see. We started at the pier, ran through the neighborhood, past the Ventura Harbor (which, at certain parts had quite the, ahem, sewer smell), then we ran a few miles in Oxnard through some fields. I would have been bored out of my mind, but I started talking to a very nice woman, Deborah, and we ran the entire thing together. It was the first time I had EVER ran with anyone. It was fun and made the miles fly by. The only downfall is that I think I would have gone faster if I had ditched her. But, what’s the point? I’m not going to win or BQ so I may as well enjoy the journey. That’s what the quotes on Pinterest keep telling me.

As I was about a mile away from the finish line the police escort came through with the winner of the marathon. Let’s just say he flew by me. Impressive.
At least I’m not behind this guy

Anyway, my time was just about the same as my Wine Country half marathon, so I can’t complain. Although, I had a really bad attitude going into this race because I felt that I wasn’t getting enough of my training done. It turns out my training plan was just no good for my schedule. I tried the Intermediate Nike plan (once again, I can’t figure out how to link stuff, but it’s through Nike Plus website) and it was just way too many miles during the week for me. It’s tough when you have 3 kids in tow.

Then Ventura Marathon promoters promised a beach party after and delivered. It was fun to walk around and buy BIC bands (love them, check it out!) and eat burgers from a food truck. I may have even had a funnel cake. It’s ok, I just ran off 1,600 calories. Bonus: Ventura pier has a great playground right on the sand for the kids. So, my mom had an easy babysitting job. Thanks again, mom!

My son would not take off my new BIC band. So cute.

The only thing I was not prepared for was the weather. Although it was perfect running weather, I had never run in my lululemon skirt for longer than 6 miles, and between the fog and humidity from the beach I was in a world of chaffing hurt at the finish. The silicone that is sewn into the bottom of the shorts to keep them from riding up are now on my “do not wear for longer than 3 miles” list. Whew! nasty scene. Also, the New Skin spray that I used is going straight into the trash.

I would say they did a great job putting this together (yay! for lots of port-o-lets and water stations). The only downside I saw was the parking (we got one of the last spots) and the fact that it’s really hard to close the beach path altogether (I saw way too many of those tourist-y bicycle surrys get way too close to exhausted runners). The after race snacks were awesome (hello! Starbucks iced coffee) and the beach party was, well, a party. Good times.

Plus, the swag wasn’t too bad either.

As an added bonus, the medal is also a bottle opener!

Now, it’s on to a training schedule that isn’t so crazy and my next half marathon. See you in Camarillo!
Good luck!

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