Disneyland Inaugural 10K

Note: This is a super late recap. I had it all typed out, then life events happened. I’m trying to be better. Mea Culpa.
Disneyland knows how to do things right. I have a lot of great things to say about this race and it’s not just because I’m still on a “runner’s high” from racing this 10K. It all started back on Friday of Labor Day Weekend…
Ok, enough of the cheese. I drove down to Anaheim from Santa Clarita around noon on Labor Day weekend, which is usually a traffic nightmare, but it was not too bad. I would say it took an extra 45 minutes to get there. I used my WAZE app and I think that really helped to make the drive not such a fiasco. And the fact that I packed my patience (I knew it was going to be a long, slow drive).
Once in Anaheim I met my friend, Melanie, at the hotel and we drove to the expo at the Disneyland Hotel. Woa. This was my first big expo. I was impressed. My friend got an awesome new hydration belt (it’s from Fitletic and I want one. They have one that holds actual water bottles! And when I can figure out how to put a link in I will.) ProCompression was there, holla! (you can get 40% off of anything with the code RACE and be entered into their contest. Thanks for the tip, Skinny Runner). AND we tasted some protein bars that were…good! Oh Yeah! bars are awesome and I am running to Vitamin Shoppe tomorrow to get some peanut butter chocolate. It really tastes like a candy bar.
Anyway, after running around the expo for a long time (haha! good one.), buying lots of things, and splitting a burger at Rainforest Café, my friend and I strolled through Disneyland and got some pre-race fuel
My cookie dough ice cream was perfect on such a hot, humid night.

We went to bed early because wake up was at 4AM. That was not a typo. The Disney people wanted us in our corrals by 5:45. There was a lot of waiting around.

There were a few people there
a guy behind me, as I shuffled toward my corral, told us that there were 8,000 people running the 10k. I believe it!
Finally! Ready to cross the start line.
It was so hot and humid, even at 5AM. so I knew the race was going to be tough for me. I am used to heat (not that I like running in it), but not the humidity. That part was awful.

I have to say, some people were not honest about their finish times because I was swerving around a lot of people throughout the entire race. And I ran a pretty decent race. There was so much, “excuse me”, “behind you”, and bobbing and weaving that I was getting pretty annoyed at the people who walked in the middle of the race course and took up the entire road. Especially the parts that narrowed. Ugh! It was very frustrating. This was my first big race so I’m not quite sure how these things work. Is this normal?

At every mile marker, there were the cutest signs that people were stopping and taking pictures with. And they had the characters out for photo-ops. But, the lines were so long! It was cute, though.

I took my own photo-ops
I love Disney Halloween!
Main Street. Hmmmm, it really doesn’t look like I’m in the middle of a race, more like meandering around Disneyland.

This girl had the cutest shirt. I HAD to ask her where she got it. Custom made. Genius. Just in case you can’t see it, it says: 2 slow 2 win
2 dumb 2 quit
with a super cute picture of Dumbo.

Of course the medal is awesome!

Then, after any good race where you leave it all on the course, there’s only one thing to do; go to Goofy’s Kitchen for the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. This was heaven because I could try everything there (and I did).
I tried everything here, but I didn’t finish it. Believe me, a bite of everything here was enough to fill me up. And it was good.
And then I went for desserts. The bananas foster crepes were my favorite.

All-in-all I would say I had a great time. Not only did I get to catch up with a great friend, I got to run through Disneyland. Cool. I will have to wait and compare it to the Tinkerbell Half in January and see which one I would like to continue. They are expensive and I’m cheapfrugal, after all.

<strong>Anyone ever raced a Disney race before? Would you ever repeat?
This is my first one, I think I would like to race the half marathon, see if it’s easier to navigate.

Tell me some fun life events.
Soccer started for us. I never realized how much fun it is!

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