Back to School…And the Chiropractor

Yep, today was the day that 2 of my little boys went to school!! Now I just have my 2-year-old at home. It was a very quiet morning.

I decided today I would get up early (4:45 AM) so I could get my miles in and still have time to make that special breakfast. They requested eggs, bacon, and pancakes. That is a tall order for breakfast around here.
Anyway, I got to the gym, was only able to run 3 miles. Actually this was great because it was pretty much pain-free. I stretched before I ran (chiro’s orders, even though it goes against everything the internet tells me-and I totally listen to those guys). I was supposed to run 5, but once again I had time restraints. I really need real life to conform to my running schedule instead of the other way around.


I need to update this post since it’s now the second week of school. The boys are doing great and loving school, although they will be coming home with homework tonight. My kindergartener told me that I didn’t have to walk him to class on the second day (a proud and sad moment all wrapped up into one second). His big brother made me feel much better and offered to take him to class. Whew!


I am still getting up early 3 times during the week (ok, this is the second week, but it’s my plan) in order to get my miles in. I have been getting so frustrated with my schedule and trying to fit my running into my life. I was really feeling down about it. So, whenever I feel like something is not right or not working I take some time to reflect and see what I can change or why I think it’s not working the way I think it should. I have decided that the Nike Intermediate training plan I’ve been following is too many miles for my schedule so I’m going back to the beginner. It just fits my life a little better. It really is the small things in life.


Once again I find myself trying to fit what makes me happy and is good for me into my life. The point is DON’T GIVE UP. Where would you be if you quit? That’s right, sitting there wishing you had more energy and less extra weight.
Good luck with the good fight!

Are you having to rethink training plans and goals?

Anyone else getting ready for back to school? Are you ever really ready?

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