A Trip to the Chiropractor

Oh my goodness, it’s August! Where has the time gone?! In a short week I will have two in school and one at home. Yikes! Ok, enough freaking out about things I cannot control. For now. You will all get an ear eye full about that trauma later.
On to running. Or lack of running.
Alright, I have been running, but not the mileage that has been on my plan. There have been so many distractions. The biggest is the fact that my hop has been bothering me. It hasn’t been enough that I stop in the middle of a run, but just enough to freak me out and make me think that if I don’t stop something devastating will happen and I won’t be able to run for months!


Update: Went to the chiropractor today and he adjusted me, did some fancy muscle stimulation and told me my hips were tight and needed to be realigned so they work the way they are supposed to. Whew! I will be able to run. Bummer, I am not supposed to do anything over 6 miles until the pain and inflammation are gone. Ummmm, Doc? I have a half marathon in a couple of weeks. Cross my fingers and hope for the best. Let’s just say I’m not expecting a PR for my Ventura Race on September 8. Well, life goes on…


And, by the way, I forgot that I always have a reaction to Ben-Gay-type products (only on my lower back) and he slathered it all over my lower back and sore hip. So, as I am typing I am fighting the urge to scratch that area like crazy!! Ugh!
Good (scratch) Luck (scratch) out there (scratch, scratch)

Who else is getting ready for Back to School?
I am in total denial that summer is ending.

Anyone else have to bounce back from an injury so close to a race?

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