The Run That Almost Didn’t Happen

On Saturday I drove to Ventura Beach (about an hour away) to meet my mom so I could run. By the time I got there, got the boys settled with my mom on the beach, and ready to run, it was almost 10. I never run that late. Ugh! The bad mood had set in. I told my mom that I was going to run 10 miles, but I really don’t feel like it.
“Wow! That’s a lot! Well, if you don’t feel like it you can just run a couple of miles…”
Well, I don’t feel like it, maybe I can’t do it. Maybe I should give up and just play on the beach. Get out of my head negative thoughts!!
So, I called my sister. She said, “Yeah, I’m in the same mood. But, I’ll just go out later”
She’s right. Just get a couple miles in. That way I can say I ran today and put it in the books. Maybe it will help my mood too.

20130724-143555.jpg I had to stop and take a picture of this squirrel on the beach. Doesn’t it look like he’s yelling at me? “Get going! Just get it over with already!”

After what seemed like forever, I looked down at my watch (please let it be 1.5 miles. Please!) Nope. not even a mile. Push on. Convince myself to go 2 miles. Then, when I turn around it will be 4. Runner math.

OMG! A Smile! This was the point that my mood turned around and I knew I could finish. It’s true, “You’re only one run away from a good mood”.

This was my ah-ha moment for the run. I turned my belt around. It was heaven. No more bottles flopping all over with water spilling down the back of my legs! I also (finally) remembered to bring money so I could stop and get more water. I got over the embarrassment of being a hot sweaty mess and stopped in at the only store on the route and got more water. That made the last mile and a half so much better! Before that, I thought I couldn’t take another step! Water is soooooo important!

I went slow, but who cares? I did it when I didn’t want to get it done. Of course, the ice bath in the Pacific at the end wasn’t too bad. Now, that was a great reward.

No matter what, it’s better to get out there and do something! Have you ever heard anyone regret that workout? Me either. There’s a reason why there is a list a mile long on the benefits of exercise. It’s all true.

Get out there, but don’t forget to hydrate (that’s the real deal this time of year). Good luck!

Anyone else have any Ah-Ha Moments?

What about workouts that went from blah to woo-hoo?

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