Unintentional Breaks From Exercise

I didn’t mean to take 4 days off from running, but that’s what happened. The first day was a rest day. Maybe I shouldn’t count that one. The next were life. The hubs stayed home so we went to breakfast then spent the day in the pool enjoying life. O, it was wonderful!!

Then, the baby got sick with a fever. Then, my oldest had a play date. O! The excuses are many!

20130717-104124.jpg So true!

Need to get out of this funk and start getting out there. Since I am still learning about running and training I will count this as a growing pain. I must remember not to beat myself up over this. Move on. Don’t dwell.

Good luck!

Anyone else going through growing (and learning) pains? What are they?

What obstacles to getting healthy are you encountering?
Mine is getting in exercise during the summer heat. I think I would rather run an uphill (both ways!) half, than run in the heat.

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