Jump In The Car, We Are Headed To The Beach

I have found that when you have 3 kids it’s not so easy to get in some training time. I have managed to get in a couple of long runs on the weekend, but it’s not easy. What is with 3 kids, right? But, between the heat and my husband’s crazy schedule, it’s been even tougher. Wah wah wah, enough of my complaining already.

I did manage to get in at least 3 running days and one 9.5 mile run last week. I was not mentally in it so the runs during the week were mediocre at best. I really didn’t want to be there. But, I finally pulled up my big girl pants, got my mind right and pulled out my 9.5 miler that was awesome. I would have gone that extra half mile, but it was getting hot and I could tell I needed to get some hydration. It was just what I needed to get me to this week.

I have my schedule for this week so I just need to, once again, figure out how to fit it all in with our schedules and the heat. Note to self: don’t ever sign up for another race is September. Way too hot.

On a more fun note; the hubs unexpectedly announced he needed to get away. Anywhere. So we dropped everything and headed to Santa Barbara. It was perfect. The boys had a great time at the pool, the zoo, the mission (my idea), and the pier. And we had a great time enjoying the boys and the scenery. Just a couple of days and not very far, but it was a much-needed escape from the summer bustle.

We stayed at the Fess Parker Double Tree right on the beach, so beautiful! We spent a lot of time at the pool, which is great for the kids, and did you know that they hand out their famous chocolate chip cookies cookies whenever you ask?! OMG! They are delicious. AND they hand them to you warm. Heaven.

We also did a few other things

20130715-220015.jpg Santa Barbara Mission

20130715-220143.jpg Feeding the giraffe at the zoo.

20130715-220304.jpg Touching the sea life at the pier.

I love family time.

Ok, Paradise was nice, but now back to reality.


Any fun summer plans?

Have you ever taken a spontaneous vacation?

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