A Vacation From Running?

My summer running vacation us almost over. Training for my next half marathon starts next week. I am excited. I have found (it only took about 40 years) that I need structure, plans and a concrete goal to get me out the door. I really wish I had found running earlier. Ne sense in dwelling, though. Just move forward and be happy that I have found something I love that keeps me motivated.

Do you know what else motivates me? New clothes. I took my first rip to Lulu Lemon. Awesome. I knew that I would spend some money, but I also knew that it would be really cute and great quality. What I didn’t know was that this store (in Glendale) was having a huge sale!! So I got 3 things! Score!


20130611-164648.jpg I love this running skirt! The pleated detail in the back is so cute and the silicone grips are something I look for with the shorter shorts.

20130611-164821.jpg So soft!

OK, now I realize that the bottoms are a litle bright, but it’s running, it’s supposed to be fun. Plus, I will be highly visible. Also, when you get Lulu Lemon on sale you don’t quesion the color options…too much.

Since my little vacay is almost over I am not going to feel guilty if I can’t make it running this week. Well, I might feel a little guilty. But, other things are on my agenda in the mornings, like going in to my son’s classroom and helping out. I love doing this since I haven’t been able to all year. Next year I will be better x2 since I will have 2 in school.

I just had to share my totaly awesome Lulu finds and get myself geared up for next week. Monday is the THE day!
So I will just leave everyone with a summer vacation is here so Good Luck to all the Mamas out there!

PS- I talked to my SIL about what could have gone wrong with my almond milk. She says she never soaks her almonds and it should keep for a few days, if not a week, in the fridge. Sooooo, I am thinking that maybe I was supposed to refrigerate them while they soaked or rinsed out the water and added fresh water every day or when it looked a little iffy. I’ll give it another go one of these days. Maybe even get some chia seed pudding out of it!
Good luck!

Where are your summer plans taking you?
So far I am planning to see my sister and neice in San Diego. Oh, and running more.

Any fun Fall races?

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