Try It Out Tuesday-Almond Milk

I was so excited to try to make my own almond milk! I had so many ideas that I could do with it. But, alas, it was not meant to be. Insert sad face here.

Actually, it started out really good. I got the idea from The Kitchn and it looked so easy, creamy, and delicious!

So, I soaked my almonds for 2 days (they looked super gross, so I will spare the pics). Rinsed them off, put them in a blender for 2 minutes


Strained the mixture

20130604-115107.jpg this took a little muscle.

Then, I was left with the milk


I took a sip and it was delish. But, I had other plans for it (like chia pudding), so I put it away.


In the recipe, she had said that it does not keep well so only make enough that you would need. Woa, she was not kidding. Later in the day I took a sip because I was going to put it some cereal (I like cereal for a snack. What?)
Yuck! Maybe I’ve only tasted sweetened almond milk, but this stuff tasted awful. It was much, much better when I had just made it.

My recommendation would be to ONLY make enough for what you would need right away and use it. I would definitely sweeten it with something.

I think I need to ask an expert about what went wrong and, luckily, I know an expert almond milk maker. I’ll ask the sis-in-law (she makes it all the time) and see what happened. Maybe it was storage? Dunno.

This is something I would like to try again since I don’t use a ton of almond milk. We’ll see what happens next time.
Maybe more good luck?

I forgot! There was an added bonus: almond meal!

I let it dry out and put it in my super adaptable lemon chia protein bars.

Anyone trying out some summer recipes?
I really need to do this. it’s that time, for sure-especially here in So Cal!

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