Happy Memorial Day!

I got to run 4 miles today! This is huge because it’s been almost a week. Way too long for this Mama! I was climbing the walls.
Today was all about hanging out with the boys and my mom. She watched the boys at the beach playground next to the Ventura Pier while I got my miles in. Yay, mom!



20130527-203511.jpg Gorgeous views on my run. I love the flags lining the boardwalk.

We walked on the pier. Not very far, though. The baby was VERY nervous about walking on the boards. Something about being able to see through the cracks freaked him out.


Ice cream is a must on summer holidays (in my humble opinion).

20130527-204231.jpg Liz Lemon Greek Frozen yogurt is de-lish-ous.

20130527-204406.jpg I have a feeling there will be many ice cream face pictures this summer.

Then, as an added bonus the Hubs got back from work in time to BBQ some steak. Ahhh, perfection!

There is no luck necessary for today, just thanks. Thank you to all those men and women who have served our country to make perfect days like this possible.
Happy Memorial Day!

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