Try It Out Tuesday – Microwave Popcorn

I love popcorn. It’s a great snack… so buttery, salty, and delicious! But, since I’ve been married, I can not eat microwave popcorn because my husband makes the BEST popcorn on earth. His popcorn makes the packaged stuff taste fake and unappetizing. Plus, I’ve been reading about all the chemicals that goes into microwave popcorn. Yuck.

Sometimes it just is a little too much work to heat some oil and wait for those golden kernels to pop into the perfect snack. I know, these problems are huge!

I have tried the brown paper lunch sack in the microwave and this also works, but the oil gets a little messy and there are quite a few kernels left.

Then a friend (she is also a dietician) who writes The Daily Bite on Facebook wrote about this trick:

20130521-122204.jpg Two microwaveable bowls.

This is great because there is less of an oily mess and more kernels pop. The downside to this method is that it took a lot longer and the bowls get very, very hot.

To make this much popcorn

20130521-124909.jpg about 3 cereal bowls full. So technical, I know.
I used;
1/4 cup kernels
1 tsp oil
1/4 tsp salt
Mix them all together in a microwaveable bowl. Put another bowl on top and stick it in the microwave. Mine took almost 6 minutes, compared to the 2 minutes for the bag. Maybe my bowls were too big?
Be sure to be careful getting them out because they will be very, very hot!
I added butter and salt to taste. Actually, the bowl was so hot all I had to was put the butter in and it melted. That’s how hot the bowls were so, again, be careful.

I only do this when the hubs is not around because if there is a choice I will take his popcorn over any other!

So, either way, bag or bowl, try it out and toss all those microwave bags. PS- you’ll be saving money too!
Good luck!

Question Of The Day:
Anyone else trying something new today?

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