It Must Be The End Of A Training Cycle

I am so relaxed about my running. I went out for a run today and took all three boys. Usually, I wouldn’t even think about it, but it was a beautiful spring day, no mileage goals, and my sister was in town. Perfect combo.

My oldest is really getting good! My sister and I took turns running ahead and he would go with each of us. He probably ended up running close to 2 miles. He loved it and was so proud of himself.

Proud mama moment!

20130518-214416.jpg I married into a Nebraska family.

The baby is really to young to keep up so he was in a stroller, but he could not wait to get out and try.
Now my middle child…he wanted to keep up with his big brother, but he just couldn’t. Poor baby. He got so frustrated. He insists he hates running, but I think he just needs more practice. Not pushing it, though. We all know what happens when you push kids when they aren’t ready. And he definitely does not do ANYTHING until he has decided he is good and ready.

So much fun to get out for a fun run with the kiddos. That must be what made it a true Fun Run.

What healthy activities to you share as a family?

Do you try to involve your family in your pursuits?

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