Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon!

I am hooked! This was a super fun destination race, even if the weather was a bit hot. At least the race started at 7 so we weren’t sweltering.

The start was well organized. There were a lot of people, but you really didn’t feel it until you actually started running and finding your pace. Then, around mile 3 you pretty much stayed with that group for the rest of the race. That’s kind of the comforting part for me, seeing the same people over and over.

20130513-205335.jpg around mile 2, still crowded.

Mile 7 was an unbelievable hill! I HAD to walk it. No choice. My sister ran it, I am so impressed with her!

20130513-210521.jpg At the top of the hill I just had to take this picture. Those little dots are the runners. It was a really cool moment.

20130514-183327.jpg some cool scenery along the way to go with the rolling hills.

Looking pretty good at mile 11 (right before the cruel hill at mile 12)


Finish strong!


My Road Runner shirt and underwear was super comfy and totally kept me dry for the 13 miles. Unfortunately, the Moving Comfort bra I had chafed me where the padding was stitched on the inside (I didn’t notice that until my shower. Ouch!). BUT, the Boston Strong BIC band kept my hair out of my face and in control. And my Pro Compression low trainers kept my feet blister free with the compression working it’s magic!

Breakfast was half an English muffin with cream cheese and some oatmeal. Along the route I had Extreme Jelly Beans at mile 3, 7, and 10. I took water at every aid station, but next time I think I need to also bring my own water because I was pretty dehydrated at the end. They did not have bottles of water or Accelerade (they were handing this out at the stations) at the finish so I was on my own to find some hydration after the race. I REALLY needed it too! I would also bring one more package of Beans for that last umph.

I felt I was totally prepared and all of my training led to a success! I stayed on my pace and made my goal time (2:34). I was even able to sprint down the chute to the finish! All in all, it was an awesome race. And the fact that it was my first half marathon made it even sweeter.

Any other awesome accomplishments out there?

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