Try It Out Tuesday

I thought I would try something new and, hopefully, interesting. I guess that is perfect for a post called “try it out”. I love trying new things, especially when it comes to recipes, so I am going to share my adventures and let you know whether or not they were a success or failure.

First, I tried a recipe I found on Pinterest for banana oatmeal cookies. The ingredients are bananas and oatmeal. Seriously, that’s it. Then you can mix in anything else you want. Sounded like a perfect alternative for that baked goods craving I always get.
Don’t get your hopes up. I threw out the whole batch.

I tried some with chocolate chips, coconut, cinnamon, and chia seeds. Just ok and a but rubbery.

Next up, chocolate with chocolate chips. No, thank you!

Lastly, just chocolate chips. Missed the mark.

Sorry that my first Try It Out Tuesday was not filled with a great opener. Wah, wah, wah.

On the bright side I made these bits of heaven for the teachers at school tomorrow.
Cinnamon Roll Scones


I made two batches just so I could taste one. These are going in my brunch rotation for sure! They are way easier than regular cinnamon rolls, scones are so easy to make. Added bonus; I get the best of both worlds. The crumble of scones with the heavenly rolls of cinnamon and sugar that I loooove about cinnamon rolls.
It’s all about leaving on a high note. (Anyone? Anyone? Any Seinfeld fans out there? Mike, where are you when I need you?)
You can find the recipe here at Annie’s Eats.

By the way, it’s Teacher Appreciation Day, don’t forget to hug/ high five the nearest teacher. Or all of them, I’m not picky.
Good luck to all those teachers out there going above and beyond. You know who you are!

If you are a teacher, did you feel the appreciation today? All week?

Have you had any recent flops wen you tried a new recipe?

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