Gone Shopping!

I have a confession: I like to buy race outfits before each race.
Ok, it’s not that scandalous. I feel like it’s my reward for all the hard training I put in. Tell that to the hubs.
I wanted to check out Roadrunner Sports because I am always hearing great stuff about it from this runner. They do not disappoint. I found a ton of stuff to try on and my personal shopper (aka my mom) was all over finding me the perfect race outfit. Thanks, mom!
I also had a REAL personal shopper! She was fantastic! I got fitted for a sports bra – who knew? And she really listened to what I wanted and brought me some absolute winners. I ended up buying her recommendation.

The Moving Comfort bra, which really is super comfortable. Not only is it padded (no more indecent exposure), but the straps are adjustable and can be switched to a racer back style. Love it!
I also bought the brightest yellow tank they had, maybe I’m afraid I will get list in the vineyards. It is soooo soft! I love the zippered pocket in the back with a hole for your ear bud wire. Is this new? I am usually tardy to the party so I wouldn’t be surprised.
I finally bought some proper running underpants, too, but I thought I would spare you the visuals.

Now I am all packed and on my way to the Expo with the entourage in tow.

My first 13.1! Good luck!

Anyone else racing?
Anyone else’s first anything?

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