My Fuel Obsession

After hitting a wall a couple of times during long runs I have become obsessed more aware of what I eat and drink before and during my runs. I have learned that I need a little something extra for breakfast and I love sport beans with caffeine during my runs. That’s just me. Of course, everyone needs to find their own way of getting through their workouts.

I have been having some pretty terrible runs. I didn’t even finish my 10.5 mile run last weekend. This may be what is fueling my anxiety about fueling (haha. Yeah, that was on purpose) that is quickly becoming an obsession. I mean, c’mon how many posts can I do on this? With my half marathon almost a week away I’m getting kind of nervous. But, it’s all a journey, right? I think back to my first race, a 5k, and it was tough. That last mile was brutal, and I did end up taking a walk break. That might have to happen on this race. Who knows?

Anyway, besides sport beans (the watermelon extreme is my personal favorite) I have drinking Nuun for my go-to sports drink

20130502-134743.jpg watermelon is my fave so far. Hmmm, is there a theme here? These are great hydration drinks, especially if you are like me and can’t stomach the sweetness and consistency of Gatorade-like drinks after a run (or workout). They come in a pack with 12 tabs. You just plunk one tab in a bottle of water, wait for it to dissolve, drink. Bonus: totally portable, I just leave it in my purse. Ok, enough about one of my new obsessions.

I am starting to taper off for my half and that means its the real deal around the corner! I am so excited! But, in the meantime, here are some awesome pics from my 10 miler in San Francisco.


Don’t be jealous.
I was having a good time. Also, they took pics at mile 8 and I think I had “race brain”. It’s a condition that impairs your judgement and it can strike at any point during a race. Mine, obviously, came at the end.

Any good fuel recommendations out there?

Who’s racing? Where? What distance?

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