Presidio 10 Miler Recap

What a perfect race! I must still be on an adrenaline high because I cannot stop smiling when I think about his race. The only small, tiny, itty-bitty complaint I have is that there were no medals. But, with views like this, it’s very minor

20130425-210012.jpg good morning! It was my sister’s very first race and she ROCKED it! She is now “Speedy”. Until I can come up with a better name, or catch her!

20130425-210241.jpg the ladies are race ready! Can you see what a gorgeous day this is?

The race was amazing! We began by singing The Star Spangled Banner, then starting in 3 waves. I was in the third wave. They called us the Weekenders. I kinda take offense to that. I had to work my ass off ( literally) to run 10 miles! But, you’ve got to just laugh and go with it.

The first two miles were up hills that I was not trained for. So I walked most of it.

20130425-211421.jpg Start line from waaay in the back with the third wave.

20130425-211913.jpg I tried to get a picture of the hills, but I was a little busy trying to get up the darn things.

20130425-212244.jpg Then I came down the hill, around a corner and saw this beauty.

20130425-212530.jpg I stopped a lot during this race to take pictures. Can you blame me?

20130425-212917.jpg Back to The City. This was 6 miles. At this point I was thinking, “OMG! 4 more miles? I can/will survive”

20130425-213404.jpg Fort Point with the city skyline in the distance. I still can’t believe what a gorgeous day it was. Ok, now it’s only about 2.5 miles. It was the hardest from this point until the finish. All flat and on the gravel trail weaving in and out if racers and people out enjoying the Marina. Tough.

After the race we went to dim sum. And it was delicious. My new favorite is baked pork buns. It was the same delicious dough as the steamed, but they bake it so the outside has a wonderful little crunch to it. I want some right now!
Then my sister and I went to a foot massage place. When we first walked in I was a little nervous, but it turned out great! They had these recline chairs that you sat in with your feet soaking in warm water and herbs. then they come in and massage your feet and calves. It was perfect for after a race. An hour of relaxation. I would highly recommend trying this!

The next morning was all about breakfast at Tartine



And a scoop of Bi-Rite ice cream. How could I turn down a scoop of Rincenelas (cinnamon ice cream with chunks of snickerdoodles)?

20130425-215759.jpg Don’t worry about what time it was.


All in all a great weekend of walking around the best city with perfect weather, and wonderful company. I’ll be back next year.

Now it’s back to training for the Santa Barbara Half Marathon in a couple of weeks.
Oh boy! Good luck, mama!

Any other amazing weekends out there?

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