Halfway There!

Where to begin?
Let’s talk about doing a leg workout then trying to do a long run. I do not recommend it. At. All.
I thought I would switch up my training schedule to fit my schedule, totally reasonable. So, I did my Nike Training Club squat party then the next day ran 7 miles. This was a very difficult run and I could barely move yesterday, which was tough since it was Easter. That was the only hiccup in my training. Of course now I have to stick to my training since I am halfway to my first half marathon!!

In other news; I went to Knott’s Berry Farm for this first time in 30 years! Please don’t do any math. There were many things that hadn’t changed and a ton that did. It was good times.


I have to say my boys are hilarious! Tyler went on Boomerang, where you twist and turn and go upside down, then do it all over again backwards! He was a little nervous before.

But all smiles after.
Austin couldn’t wait to go on the train and “meet” the bandits. When he saw them he said, “ummm, someone is coming and it’s not the captain…” I told him not to make eye contact so he shut his eyes tight and started sinking in his seat. Hilarious!
Of course we had fried chicken (yum!) and I couldn’t leave without some boysenberry syrup. Mmmmmm!

Then it was time to get ready for Easter.
Hair cuts. Check.


20130401-120546.jpg Candy. Check.

Colored eggs. Check.

Now it’s time for some Easter activities.





Basically, it was a great Easter and everyone had a great time.
Now we’ve got a ton of candy staring at me. Calling to me, “I’m so delicious. Just one bite. You can run it off. Oooooooo!” Insert spooky ghost voice. Well, I just won’t do it. I won’t give in. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll have a treat, just not an entire bag. That’s for another day.

Ok, with 6 weeks until my first half marathon and a house filled with candy I might need a little extra good luck!

How was your Easter?

Was it candy filled or did you banish the sugar?

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