Dungeon of Despair

Well, it’s been quite a while since the last time I wrote a post. What has been happening to me!? It seems baseball season is in full swing (get it?), so it’s been consuming a lot of my time and interfering with my long runs. This means that, once again, I am going to have to switch up my training plan.
I have no idea where I got this Nike Training Plan, but I am going to be using this until life throws me another curveball. Should I point out every baseball reference? No? Ok.
I really like this plan because I love pushing myself and running 4 to 6 miles at a time during the weekday makes me feel great!

All this life interference has me in a dungeon of despair (dun dun dunnnn). Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but it really has put me in a funk, and I don’t like it one bit. Every time I have to skip a run or cut a run short I get upset and in a horrible mood. Ugh! Get over your bad self, Jen!
I am hoping that this new plan will give me a new outlook and a better attitude. I already feel better, like I’m back on track. As my brother-in-law so perfectly stated it, “it’s ok to take a couple steps back, just don’t keep sliding down!” I am paraphrasing, he said it in a much more entertaining way.
I’m ready to jump off the slide!

Just had to show pictures of the nice Spring afternoon we spent with some turtles.

20130325-205710.jpg he was brave enough to touch the turtle.

20130325-210002.jpg hello little friend.

20130325-210126.jpg poor baby is exhausted!

Wish me good luck with my new training plan!

What are you looking forward to this Spring?

Any fun races coming up?
I am looking forward to a 10 miler over the Golden Gate Bridge in April!!

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