Where Has the Time Gone?

I can’t believe it’s almost Thursday! It has been a crazy week, between baseball and life.
I tried running intervals for the first time yesterday morning. I tried it on the treadmill so I could be accurate about pace and distance. Is that possible on the treadmill? It was my first time so I did 8×200 at my ideal 5k speed (9:30). It was fun! Can you call workouts fun? I think so, as long as you feel invigorated by them and you would love to try it again. Check. Check.

I took my rest day today because…well, I had to do a ton of running around; school, Dr checkups, and practices, o my!
But, we did make it to Costco! I love that place and it’s been way too long since we’ve made the trek there. I did a great job of staying away from the pre-packaged snacks. We I have not had self control with those things and I am trying to keep them out of the house so they are not a “go-to” snack. I read loads of tips in the new Parenting Magazine this month all about keeping our kids healthy. With so much focus on childhood obesity it was a great read with the main message being; do not put your child on a diet, they do not work (Amen!), but keep them active and eating less packaged stuff and more fresh food on a daily basis.
Another tip: Keep those treats out of the house and it will be truly a treat when you get it. Let’s face it, you have to give in every once in a while. Just don’t make it quite so easy.

Costco Run




20130320-204744.jpg I couldn’t resist a little treat. I was looking for trail mix, but this looked so good. I put down all the other packaged treats. Baby steps.

Now, on to dinner. Wendy’s chili recipe thanks to Pinterest. Winner!


Good luck, Mama!

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