The Leprechauns Have Been Busy!

It’s a busy weekend in the Shaw household. So busy, in fact, that no running is being done. It’s fine. It’s ok. I’ll be ok. A couple days will not turn into longer than that. That’s my mantra right now. Ok, on to things that aren’t a bummer, like St. Patrick’s Day at our house!

The leprechauns were busy last night.

20130317-085046.jpg He made a pit stop, it’s a long journey from the Emerald Isle.

20130317-085608.jpg this is the note that Greenie McWoozy left in the leprechaun trap. Darn. We missed him!

20130317-085755.jpg he left chocolate coins in the boys’ shoes.

20130317-085901.jpg left them candy and Lucky Charms.

20130317-090013.jpg I made green pancakes with the green milk that Greenie left us. I also made these oatmeal pancakes from the Minimalist Baker. WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER! Ok, oatmeal pancake breakfast, but you get the idea. It is hearty and pancake-y, yum. Add the maple agave blend syrup (because I am too cheap to get the pure maple syrup and I am trying to eliminate fake foods) it is a winning combo.
Now it’s almost time to put the corned beef in the crock pot and get the boys to baseball pictures and games. It will be a busy and lucky day!


Did you have a visit from a leprechaun?

Any special St. Patrick’s Day plans?
We have lots of baseball, then a get together with friends for corned beef, cabbage, mashed potatoes, beer, and dessert, of course!

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