Running Far = Eat Whatever You Want?! Not Quite!

I’ve been struggling with the mindset that since I am logging in many miles I can eat what I want. Then, I read an article in Runners World and this post reminding me that this is not the case.
I try to eat when I am hungry, drink water first, etc. The things you are supposed to do so all that hard work isn’t sabotaged by that familiar voice in your head, “go ahead, eat it, you logged in some serious miles, you deserve it”. To add insult to injury, I have been sooooo hungry lately because of the added activity.
I haven’t been gaining weight, but my weight loss efforts have hit a plateau. It’s perfect timing that I have found this very helpful info on when and what to eat to help your body recover and become stronger after a strenuous workout.
Plus, I have started having a protein shake after my runs (any length) and it has helped my appetite tremendously! Huge difference. There are a TON of recipes out in Pinterest land. If you are not on Pinterest, um, it’s time to jump on board. Seriously. The bottom line: you’ve got to fuel before and during and recover properly if you want all that hard work really pay off.
This awesome runner had a great post with many options on fueling before and during a race. Also just what I needed. Hmmm…Everyone’s talking about what they’re eating. Bathing suit season must be coming. Yikes! At least I’m more ready for it this summer. Who am I kidding? Is anyone ever really ready?!

Then, I remembered St. Patrick’s Day is coming and I wanted to stop by Cost Plus World Market to get this cool gadget for our the hubs’ Black and Tans.

20130313-204812.jpg. He makes a mean drink, but sometimes the beers blend instead of keeping separated and this should help.


Bonus! It comes with lots of recipes


We had a lot of fun shopping

20130313-205907.jpg why, yes, this tootsie pop is as big as my son’s above-average-sized head. It is not an illusion.

20130313-210413.jpg Perfect for St. Patrick’s day!

Anyone have great plans for St Patrick’s Day? Are leprechauns coming to visit?

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