Who Knew? Runners Need Yoga!

Sometimes you just can’t count the miles. Monday I only had 20 minutes to run, so I didn’t even worry about the miles, I just ran. It felt good. Real good. Especially after 3 days of “rest”. I ran 1.9 miles. Not too shabby!

20130311-195212.jpg Me being active.

20130311-195745.jpg gorgeous morning!

Then, I came home and did some yoga. I have the Yoga Studio app and it’s great! I did the 30 minute beginner flexibility sequence. It really helped my hip. Sometimes I get a sore, stiff left hip and stretching it out with yoga helped so much! I also have used Yoga For Runners, which is good for pre and post runs, but for yoga sessions I prefer Yoga Studio. Yeah, cuz I’m the expert.

Does anyone else watch The Biggest Loser? It is so inspiring, especially since they are on week and you can really see how far they’ve come! I used to watch the show and wish that the weight would fall off like it does in “TV time”. Now, I just keep thinking, “hey, they work out ALL day and they still can’t eat whatever they want.” A great quote from <a href="http://Powercakes that spoke to me, “abs are made in the kitchen”. So true!

Tomorrow is 3 miles on the treadmill early in the morning. Ugh! Good luck, mama!

What are your obstacles this week?

Anyone else inspired by The Biggest Loser?

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2 Responses to Who Knew? Runners Need Yoga!

  1. I love yoga studio!! Just started intermediate and it’s a great workout.

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