A Norman Rockwell Sunday

On Sunday I had every intention of running 9 miles, my longest run ever. I made it 8 miles. I think there were many things that went into the loss of that mile, but the biggest lesson; bring water. I listened to my body and cut the run short.
I was a beautiful run, though. I took a new route and I loved it!

20130304-193622.jpg found this awesome bridge!

20130304-193802.jpg This is what my thumb does when I run. How many people think I’m giving them a “thumbs up”? Hmmmm.

20130304-194054.jpg Uh oh, something’s not right. Need water.

After the run (and lots of refueling) we took the boys to the La Brea Tar Pits. They loved it!

It is a great place to take kids! They loved running around the grounds. You could just go the park and play and look at the actual tar pits all day. For FREE!
You could also go see the animals they have found in the pits at the Page Museum. That is not free, but it’s not that expensive.

You could also go to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), which is ah-mazing! It is in the same grounds as the Tar Pits so you don’t have to get back in the car. And if you sign your kids up to become members (free), they can each bring in an adult for free! We signed up all three so we could bring three adults. Genius!
It’s an incredible place

20130304-201004.jpg The boys had a great time playing in the “noodles”. The Babes would not go near it, though, and was very worried about his older brothers.

20130304-202430.jpg I LOVED this art piece! And I love the fact that the museum grounds were so kid friendly!

And this is what we were told was a must see for the kiddos

20130304-202651.jpg Metropolis is an art installation that is so cool! There is a huge city with layers of track and roads. And a TON of cars just ready to go. Then, they turn it on and the city comes to life! So amazing!

All in all it was a fantastic Sunday. The kind that are on cheesy TV shows. It was all good luck, mama!

How did your Sunday turn out?
Have you ever found something incredible on accident?

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