Mardi Gras Madness

I took two days off, I’ve just been feeling tired. Maybe worn down is a better description of how I’m feeling. Anyway, tomorrow is the Mardi Gras Madness 5k that I’ll be running by myself. It’s the first time I’m running a race with no one there to meet me at the finish. It’s ok, I’ll survive. The packet pick up was small. Very small. Actually, I was excited for a small local race.

I had to get up to take the boys to their play date since the hubs was going to have to work and not cheer me on. Sniff, sniff. But, the boys were beyond excited. Well, except for the baby. I could hear his blood-curdling scream as I jumped in the car. I almost went back in, but I knew that would make it worse. Thanks for enduring those awful 5 minutes Melissa. Gotta love awesome, supportive friends that you can dump leave your screaming 2 year old with.

I knew the race was going to be small. Let me show you how small

20130302-191523.jpg this was lining up for the start.

20130302-191740.jpg my medal. I love it!! It makes me smile.

20130302-191930.jpg Yes! A new PR! A 5k in 30 minutes! Unheard of, well for me at least. Of course, the winner ran it in 16 minutes. Yikes!

20130302-192506.jpg You’ve got to love a race that has a Starbucks booth!

At the end of the race, I was walking around, cooling down, when I heard someone calling me. The hubs made it! Now it’s a great race!
I’m still getting the hang of taking pictures, so I didn’t take many of me at the race. I’ve noticed that’s what you’re supposed to do. I’ll get better.

I loved all of the good luck, mama!

When is your next race?
What happened in your weekend?

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