I’ve Got Big Plans

After 2 days of rest, a little wine and licorice, I can’t wait to get some miles in!! I’ve got Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 on the calendar with a couple modifications. Since I’ve already rested, I am skipping Monday’s rest day and taking a rest day on Friday before my 5K on Saturday. Then I will take my long run on Sunday. I am really excited about this. Is it weird that I now enjoy pushing myself to see just how far I can go? I love it!

The weekend was so much fun! I loved seeing my family and, of course, celebrating my niece’s first birthday. She cannot get any cuter!!

20130224-195007.jpgshe loves hugging!
We went to an amazing breakfast at Janet’s Cafe in Alpine. My sis and I shared biscuits and gravy and pumpkin pancakes. YUM! My strategy; have an egg and a couple if bites of the biscuits and pancakes. Perfect. I WISH I had taken pics. I’m still new to this. Oops.
I did takes pics of the boys running around the grounds while we waited. They had a great time!


20130224-200424.jpg The Babes loved the doe.

20130224-200535.jpg Poor doe didn’t stand a chance.

My sister sent these lovelys home with me, along with some other traveling treats, but these cinnamon yogurt pretzels from Sprouts are the bomb-diggity. I swear I’m cool.


I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get to run outside this week, so send me some good luck, mama!

Any great running or exercise goals this week?
Did you plan it out? I plan it out to figure out potential pitfalls and work aroun

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