I Stuck With The Plan!

Thursday Workout:

Today, was a cross training day. I’m really not good at this, I find one thing I like (running) and I stick with it. I’m very loyal. But, the “experts” say that I must cross train in order to get strong and fast and help prevent injury, so like the obedient child I am I did what I was told. For once. I rode the bike for 20 minutes, which flew by because I was working on my blog the entire time. Obsess much? It was one of those recline bikes so I felt like I was in an easy chair, hence the editing of the blog.

Then, I went on the elliptical for 10 more minutes. I tried this out because there are a couple bloggers that I love that have made that machine sound so appealing. It wasn’t as bad as I remember (8 years ago). I could get used to it for my cross training days. Anyway, I felt great because my legs feel like they’ve gotten an awesome workout and I wasn’t huffing and puffing through the entire workout, which means I’m in pretty good shape. Shout out to me!

AND I found a foam roller in the little side gym where people stretch so I decided to check out the fuss. I’m not sure if I was even doing it right, but it felt really good on my quads. Ahhh! Now, I wish I had done my glutes (are you supposed to?) they are already jelly.

Friday Workout:
Yes! 5 days in a row of getting up and getting it done! Today I ran a 5k on the treadmill. It’s 3.11 miles, but it sounds way more impressive if you say 5k. It was fine, it was good, nothing to write home about (apparently enough to blog about, though). But, I am proudest of the fact that I got out the door, even though one tiny little excuse would have sent me back to bed. I just kept telling myself, “just get out the door. You’re already dressed. What are you going to do? Sit downstairs and drink coffee? Just go!”
I think I talk to myself too much.
Well, besides this tasty egg sandwich,

my reward will be two rest days and celebrating my niece’s first birthday in San Diego.

Diet Details:
Not that kind of diet, just trying to eat healthy. As this lady says, your diet is your bank account, balance it every day. Well, I did not do that this week and it showed on the scale and how I felt. Instead of giving up, I will start making better choices. If breakfast had carbs, then lunch will have protein and veggies. Balance.
My biggest obstacle? Not sitting and concentrating on what I’m eating. Yup, snacking here and there, grabbing handfuls of snacks, adds those extra calories. Ugh! My downfall every time. Sigh, the trick is to continue without beating yourself up. Before, I would be sent into a tailspin that would lead to a binge because, “it just doesn’t matter. I can’t do it. Nothing works.” Now, I will pick myself up and concentrate on eating healthy, making better choices, and listening to what my body REALLY wants.

This weekend will be fun with lots of good luck, mama!

What are the weekend plans?
Anyone tried foam rolling?

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