What to Do When It’s Dreary? Head to Trader Joe’s!

4 miles on the treadmill at 10:50 pace. Slow and steady. “Steady Eddie” as the hubs would say. All this at 5am. Hard for the brain to function so I watched the news for the first 2 miles. Depressing and they have a TON of commercials. Boring! I turned on the tunes for the last 2miles and was totally motivated. I guess music keeps my legs pumping. Who knew?
It looks like the week is going to be early runs on the treadmill. Yuck! But, it’s what has to be done. I was home by 6:15 to get The morning routine started. It’s just the life of a mom.
I can’t wait to get back outside and run as far as my legs will take me. The legs are itchin!

On To Trader Joe’s
I took the three Littles to TJ’s for weekly supplies and came home with this

I usually try not to buy boxed mixes, but they never had the sample ready (I went back 3 times) and the Littles were having a fit. If you’ve never been to TJ’s they always have fresh samples, like Costco. And if you’ve never been to Costco I’m very sorry for you and that rock you’ve been under. Anyway, it’s a little embarrassing that they immediately run to the sample booth instead of playing it cool like me and pretend to do a little shopping first. Even the baby in the cart knows the routine when we get to the booth and he will whine and/or put on the baby charm for his sample (whatever gets him the good stuff). So, when the lady handed me the box and suggested I make it at home, I took the hint helpful advice and promised I would make it at home.

It was a success. Well, except that I added chocolate chips, but forgot to coat them in the dry mix first so they wouldn’t sink to the bottom. Which they did. It ended up being a happy accident because it made a delicious crust.

This Little loved it!
I was craving grapefruit, so instead of the entire cake that I would have normally eaten, I listened to what I REALLY wanted, took my small taste of cake and had this ruby red piece of heaven from Texas. I can’t even describe how juicy and sweet/tart this little morsel was.

20130219-172510.jpgI highly recommend a grapefruit knife, it helps the sections come out so easily, then you can put them in a cute little cup.

20130219-172714.jpg then promptly devour them in 2.2 seconds!
I’m pretty sure my craving came from this post , although I did not top it with brown sugar and broil it. That sounds good, too!

It was a perfect day for grocery shopping and baking; cold and rainy. Today I just needed a little good luck, mama.

What’s your go-to activity for a rainy day?
Do you have to keep the kids busy?
How do you keep yourself motivated to go another mile?

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