Sometimes Workouts Just Don’t Happen

I thought I could sleep in a little on Friday and go running outside. Nope. Sometimes it just happens that our plans don’t work out, so I took an unintentional rest day. Just go with the flow, but don’t let those negative, noisy voices convince you to go off course for too long. It ended up being a good day to rest because my hip was bothering me in a weird way. Luckily, by Saturday it was fine.

Saturday was another crazy day. First I was going to an amazing brunch for LLS (Leukemia Lymphoma Society), then I wasn’t. Then I was. So, my running plans were on and off again. Go with the flow. I flowed to brunch and was amazed and inspired by many people who work so tirelessly to help cure blood cancers and help improve the lives of those affected by the disease. Go team Girlfriends Against Cancer!


Sooooo, Sunday was supposed to be THE day where I ran a 5K (on my own) at race pace. This is according to my Hal Higdon training schedule for  Novice2 . But, once again, life stood in my way. Between my hair appointment at 9am, buying baseball stuff for my boys,  baseball practice, and an impromptu BBQ it just didn’t happen. Sometimes that’s life. The important thing is to not let a 3 day rest derail your lifelong efforts of staying active. 3 days compared to the rest of my life….no brainer. Get back on the horse. It’s 16 weeks until my first half marathon and I’m just fine with my training so these minor setbacks won’t turn into major setbacks, I won’t let them.

A little note on getting sidelined with my exercise; I didn’t eat as much during those “rest” days and tried to up the fruit and veggies and balance my meals between proteins and carbs. If you aren’t using up those extra calories your body doesn’t need them. Really listen to your body and what it wants, many times if you are really concentrating you can distinguish between fueling your body and fueling your emotions.

OK, I’m off to run (I can’t wait to get out there), so good luck, mama!

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