A Surprise In the Mail!

This little gem showed up in my mail box! A special surprise from the sis-in-law. I’ve gotten as far as the intro. That’s what happens when there are 3 loud boys and one very active nephew running around. The book looks like it has some great info for keeping you healthy and injury free. This is very important to me since I started running later in life. Ahem, 40.


I think I am going to need some good adivice, especially for treadmill running. My last two workouts have been at the gym. It’s just the nature of the beast when there are kids at home and the hubs has a crazy schedule. That’s ok, as long as I get the miles in. I am going to learn to love the treadmill, I will, I will!
Review will come as soon as I can. Pinkie promise!

Valentine’s Day

Today is more of a Valentine’s morning. It started out getting up at 5am to run 3 miles and do some strength training (my new goal is to get more strength training in). I did the strength and got 2 miles in. I wanted to get home at see the boys’ faces when they saw their Valentine’s treats that I left on the table. I’m trying to steer away from making every holiday filled with candy and sweets so everyone got a little toy that I knew they would enjoy. Which they did. BUT, I also had to give them a treat from See’s Candy, there has to be moderation in life. I did limit it to one treat, though.

My gift from the boys and my hubs was very romantic; a pair of Ugg boots. That’s where we are in our relationship. Who wants chocolates and flowers when they can have warm feet?



Since the hubs and I will be taking the kids to different activities tonight and will probably have a mellow evening, we went to lunch. This is what I ordered, it’s not called “The Dagwood” for nothing!

No, I did not eat the whole thing. I’ve learned my lesson about the importance of portion control. I took the slice of bread and put a slice of roast beef, slice of ham, slice of turkey, slice of cheese and left the rest for the next few lunches. I got a taste, didn’t go overboard and I didn’t feel like I was cheated out of anything. The same rule applies to V Day treats, I only get the good stuff that I really like, have a couple of bites that I savor, and save the rest or share it. I participate, but keep my portions in check. Win, win.

Now it’s time for baseball and birthday parties! Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck, mama!

What are your Valentine plans?

Any good workouts before treating yourself to some goodies?

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2 Responses to A Surprise In the Mail!

  1. Melissa McMenamin says:

    Love it! Maybe I’ll start my blog up again. Looking forward to sharing in your adventures! I am proud of you!!!

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