I Never Could Have Imagined Calling Myself A Runner

You know how when you join a gym they offer a free fitness evaluation? Well, I was curious as to what my fitness level is now so I agreed. Whew! That guy put me through such a workout that I almost passed out. Seriously? I can run 8 miles, but I can’t get through 2 circuits of body weight training? That just means that I have to push myself and do more weight training. Ugh!

Then, on Saturday, I went on my long run, 8 miles, yo! My longest run yet!! A year ago I had myself convinced that I wasn’t a runner, and now look at me! I am so impressed with myself! I’m on my way to my half marathon goal.


The beginning of my run. Love my sparkly minnie BIC band. They are the best. You should pick one (or many) up. They are from So Cal and give $1 back on every band sold. Yay!


My Nike+ Sportswatch at the end. I thought I would spare you the picture of me. Although, I felt great. Why do I think that’s so weird? Probably because I’m still in the mindset that I can’t believe I’m a runner. Seriously, if I can do anyone can.

I did put my ProCompression marathon socks on for recovery. I think that helped, but I was super sore on Sunday from the weight training session.

20130211-204121.jpgI love hot pink! These are great, but I always wait until they are on sale.

Adventures at Trader Joe’s

It’s no secret how much I love this store. It is a great place to be able to shop for healthy food for my family and stay within our budget. At our weekly Trader Joe shopping trip there were a couple of new products that I found! It’s amazing that I can still find new things here!

20130211-204239.jpgCoconut Strip, not a favorite around here. Sad face.

20130211-204702.jpg Roasted coconut chips are WONDERFUL! Don’t just get one bag, though. Plus, they are great in energy balls. Another great recovery snack. The recipes are all over Pinterest.

20130211-210242.jpgThe deep dish pizza was pretty good too.  I love shopping at a place where they feed the kids!

Here’s to a crazy week that will have me saying, “Good luck, Mama!”

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