Finally Joined A Gym!

Old faithfuls

Old faithfuls

Last week I was able to run a total of 3 miles. Not exactly enough for my training plan, but that’s what happens when everyone gets sick and there’s no time to get out there and get some miles in. Luckily the Santa Barbara Half Marathon is in May and I have plenty of time. That sad running week led me to the decision that I needed to join a gym and learn to love the treadmill. OK, love is a strong word. I was really nervous since the baby (well, he’s 2) can be super clingy, especially around new people. No problem there! He saw the slide in the Kids Klub and was off and running. Awesome. After a quick tour I signed up and ran 3 miles on the treadmill. Did you know they have individual TVs on EVERY cardio machine?? Maybe this won’t be so bad. Now I just have to convince the hubs that I’m really doing this for me and not to find a new boyfriend. I’m pretty sure he’s kidding about all that.
But, this plan only works if I can plan to go early in the morning or put the kids in the Kids Klub. This morning I was all set to go when my oldest says his throat hurts. It sure looked like it did (I will spare you the pics, yuck). Then, the hubs had to do in to work. Plan fail. Hopefully I can get in my 8 miles tomorrow!

My last long run (7 miles) I thought maybe my shoes were a bit bulky. I wear the Nike Lunarglides. It was weird because ever since then I can’t get that bulky thought out of my head. Maybe I don’t need as much cushioning since I lost 30 pounds and I can have a more minimal shoe. Does anyone out there have any recommendations? I need a good comfy shoe since I will be logging in a lot of miles while training for my first half marathon.

Well, between sick kids and foul weather (yes, even in So Cal) my training is slow going. Getting some training miles in will require good luck, mama!

Rose Bowl 10K

Rose Bowl 10K

Questions of the Week
How do you train with sick children?
What is your favorite running shoe?
Is there any gym etiquette I should be aware of?

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